• Best Practice Bulletin #1 - £6 million saved on Nottingham Left Bank
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    Datasheet ButtonThe Nottingham Left Bank Flood Alleviation Scheme will reduce flood risk for in excess of 16,000 dwellings when it is completed in Summer 2012. This flag ship scheme for the Midlands Region valued at £51m extends over a length of 27km, along the River Trent. It stretches from the M1 motorway in the West to the suburb of Colwick to the East of Nottingham. From the initial stages, the project team resolved to drive down the costs of the scheme. As a result they developed a structured value engineering process which is making real substantial savings. All members of the extended team, including Environment Agency operations staff, contribute to the process.
  • Best Practice Bulletin #2 - Five star community engagement
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    Datasheet ButtonThe Nottingham Left Bank project involves the construction of a 27km flood defence along the River Trent. With such varied working environments, every step of the project presented fresh challenges and tested our team to the limit. We thought we would share some of our best practice examples with the wider framework team, to make all our lives a little bit easier...
  • Best Practice Bulletin #3 - Constructing Better Health
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    Datasheet ButtonJacksonHyder joined the Constructing Better Health Scheme to raise awareness of some common health issues that can be faced in our industry, and to improve the health of our guys in general. Since joining the scheme in November 2009, 20% of our workforce are now signed up to the scheme. 74 people from our supply chain have attended the medical assessment sessions and our sub-contractors Squires and Linsco have subsequently joined the scheme.

  • Best Practice Bulletin #4 - Hand Arm Vibration
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    Datasheet ButtonHand-arm vibration is vibration transmitted into workers' hands and arms. This can come from use of hand-held power tools (such as grinders or road breakers). Regular and frequent exposure to hand-arm vibration can lead to two forms of permanent ill health known as: Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS); and Carpal tunnel syndrome. Damage to nerve and/or blood vessels in the hands and fingers leading to loss of strength, pain, inability to feel possibly permanently and can lead to the loss of fingers. Obviously this can be massively life changing to an individual and his family, his work colleagues and his employer. Working in cold and wet conditions can enhance the issue.
  • Best Practice Bulletin #5 - Buried Services
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    Datasheet ButtonThere have been occasions when having successfully located a service by exercising best practice and high standards of care, we've then inadvertently damaged the service during subsequent works. Sometimes this is due to the delineation of the 500mm exclusion zone being lost during the excavation process. Conventionally, spray paint is used to define the line of a known service which tends to get covered or removed. This new method ensures a more permanent way of delineating buried services.